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Mission Accomplished! And Joy now has joy!

Darin headed to Playas, Ecuador and arrived on October 14th and began a 3-day training on the 15th. Along with the invaluable help of Aaron Alava, Polo Elpt and missionary Jeff Davoll, instruction in basic EMS, search and rescue, and fire attack were given. Aaron is a firefighter from San Vicente, Ecuador and first crossed providential paths with Gear Up during the second ministry trip in March 2017. He's been hooked ever since and has traveled long distances around Ecuador to participate in every subsequent trip so far. What a blessing this young man has been to Darin and the ministry. Polo Elpt is a Christian firefighter/trainer from Santo Domingo, Ecuador. A friend of Jeff's, Polo was asked to assist Darin with the training. What a needed blessing he was during these days, and we thank God for this provision. As far as Jeff, this was his third time to be involved in a Gear Up trip. Just as with previous trips, as a pastor with a pastor's heart, Jeff brought a Spirit-led delivery of God's Word throughout these 3 days of ministry.

Additionally, one of the highlights of the training aspect was being able to train the men and women on how to use a top of the line AED, which Gear Up was able to purchase and present to the station, thanks to recent unexpected financial gifts. What a blessing it was to be able to train this department in how to use this life-saving device.

Of course, the ultimate goal of Gear Up is to share the Gospel of Christ with each department it serves. This is done through devotionals, messages, testimonies, scripture memory and daily interactions/fellowship. Though it's part of Gear Up's mission to conduct excellent training that each department will benefit from, the heart of the ministry is to present the Gospel and see firefighters and EMS workers come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We praise God for the salvation of Joy, a female firefighter that was led to the Lord by Jeff's wife, Deanne, who traveled along on this trip. Now, Joy now has joy in Jesus! Because Jeff and Deanne live relatively close to Playas, they will be able to follow up with Joy, as well as the 13 firefighters that raised their hands to show an interest in putting their faith in Christ.

We praise God for the successful outcome of this trip, for we know that it's only due to His power and Spirit that any good thing is accomplished for His kingdom.

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