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I want to share a message from Ecuador that recently strengthened Darin's heart and mine. Aarón is a young firefighter Darin met when Gear Up traveled to San Vicente in March 2017. He was so enthusiastic about the training and the camaraderie he received that week that when Gear Up traveled back to Ecuador the following September--this time to Santa Lucia--Aarón traveled 10 hours to be there. As with many other firefighters of recent trips, Darin and other Gear Up team members have remained connected to him through Facebook.

A few weeks ago, Aarón messaged Darin to share that he and some of the other firefighters of San Vicente had given a fire safety class to some children who attend a church in their area. This is a newly developed evangelical church, and Aarón message to Darin conveyed his enthusiasm about the new relationship with this pastor and the possibility of the men's continued connections with this church. We know God is overseeing the watering of seeds that Gear Up earlier planted. We praise Him for this!

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